Galerie Anna van Elteren


trip to france- loire region

The Loire region is located in the vicinity of the Loire River and is known for its rich cultural heritage. The area boasts a large number of historic villages and towns, but the valley is best known for its many impressive castles, magical gardens and beautiful landscape. Amboise is a charming town with a pleasant and historic centre and is known for the Château d’Amboise. And of course during our visit we also acquired several beautiful chandeliers for our collection.

Historic centre

The chateau of Amboise

The Council Chamber

This gothic style fireplace provided comfort during the cold winter months. Decorations on the fireplace hood: the flaming sword is a symbol of Charles VIII.

The central columns are embellished with French lilies and a stoat, the emblems of the Kingdom of France

Also noteworthy are the Orléans rooms

The chapel of Saint-Hubert

The chapel was built in flamboyant Gothic style under Louis XI and houses the tomb of Leonardo da Vinci, who died in Amboise in 1519

View from the castle over Amboise

On the roof of the castle ..;)