Galerie Anna van Elteren


Restoration of our chandeliers

All our chandeliers are thoroughly checked and if necessary restored in our own workshop. Each chandelier is inspected on technical details. In all cases, we check whether the electrical wiring and fittings are in order and replace them if necessary.
Before we begin restoring a chandelier, we take several pictures to record, for instance, the original position of the drops. The chandelier is then completely dismantled. The old wires from which the drops are suspended are cut and the drops put aside and cleaned. The decorative vases, pinnacles  and other glass elements are also detached from the frame and cleaned.

The frame is cleaned in such a way that the original patina is retained. 
After cleaning, the drops get new brass wire and are re-attached to the chandelier frame. The decorative vases and/ or pinnacles are replaced in their original position.

We only restore our own chandeliers. We do not accept restoration orders from third parties.