Galerie Anna van Elteren


Chandeliers, mirrors and wall lights in a splendid interior

 Large glamorous French chandelier, antique French mirror and gilded French wall lights in an imposing living room in the stately villa in Asia. An impressive setting of neutral tones, delicate and pure decorative lines and a beautiful ceiling!  
The mirror reflect the flood of light while the chandelier and Rococo wall appliques lights this splendid room!

Large French chandelier, antique mirror and Rococo wall lights in the living room

Large antique French chandelier

Bohemian chandelier 'Maria Theresia' in the elegant dining room

Bohemian chandelier in the dining room

A gracious antique French chandelier with Baccarat crystals hanging from a beautiful decorative stucco ceiling in the entrance hall

French chandelier with Baccarat crystals

Neutral cool tones and delicate clean lines of ornamentation accords well with the sophisticated chandelier in a bedroom

French chandelier in the style of Louis XVI in the bedroom

Antique French mirror and wall lights in the stylish stairwell

French mirror and wall lights in the stairwell